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[S6E8] Analyze Piss

One of my favorite tropes is when a show or movie or whatever takes an absurd character seriously. Not seriously in the \u201Csad cover of an upbeat song for a movie trailer\u201D kind of way; \u201Cseriously\u201D in the sense that the an absurd premise is taken to its logical conclusion, as something that could actually exist in the real world with its own history and context and nuance. It\u2019s a way of making funnier jokes and creating this weird sympathetic vibe in the audience; I wrote a piece ages ago about \u201Ccynical sincerity\u201D in shows like Rick And Morty and BoJack Horseman, and Pissmaster, the emotional lynchpin of \u201CAnalyze Piss,\u201D is about as pure example as you can get. Because, you see, he\u2019s a failure, a divorced dad trying desperate to make a name for himself, to prove that his whole life wasn\u2019t just some big mistake, to make his daughter proud. He also wears a suit that lets him wield the power of piss to achieve his goals. Is it his own piss? The question never comes up. Or ma\u2026

[S6E8] Analyze Piss



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