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Diamond Couple Promise Rings: Choosing the Right Ring is a guide for Everyone

A symbol of an eternal bond, a promise of love enclosed in a gift that will be dazzling for all time. But how much do you know about it? Here's all the information you'll need to make an informed purchase.

N.B. We have also included products from other companies to help you in navigating the most important moments in your life. We advise you that we might earn an income from the sale of products purchased through the links on the site.

Before you even begin to dream and think about the various aspects of your future wedding, it's important to think about one thing. The couples will have to accept their feelings and begin searching for the perfect diamond engagement rings for their spouse, to impress her like never before. But how do you proceed when choosing an engagement ring made of diamonds? There are a few features you must be aware of in order to comprehend some important technical details to make a sound decision in terms of the quality of the diamond as well as the setting. We will provide the meanings of the different diamond engagement rings below.

Diamond Couple Bracelets: main features

If you're about to purchase a diamond ring but you're not sure what to look for to determine the value, you should know the cut, color, and purity of the diamond. These attributes, also known as "4 Cs" - Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat - define the value of the different stones. In addition to this you'll also need to pay attention to other aspects of the diamond engagement ring. These include the setting and the bezel. The first one can be made of white gold, silver or other metals, such as pink, yellow, platinum bicolor, or pink and yellow.

You may also want to be aware of where is the engagement band placed?

The bezel, which is where the gem will be set, can be designed differently depending on the shape of the diamond (round oval, square or round heart-shaped, rectangular ...), or claw-shaped, with points, or have edges of metal that surround it). When it comes to the carat it signifies the measurement unit of the diamond and its weight. 0.20 grams is equivalent to a carat, while below that, we refer to "hundredths" or "points". In a ratio that is greater, the more weight of the diamond, it is the greater its size and consequently its diameter. What is the price of an engagement ring that has diamonds cost? Prices will differ based on the above factors Be cautious!

We can help you select the right hand shape for your engagement ring!

Diamond engagement ring models

It can be a challenge to find the many diamond engagement ring designs. Each has its own distinct features and have their own meanings always connected to love. Below is the brief description of each.


Engagement rings made of diamonds are a guarantee of eternal love. They are constructed from one stone - namely the diamond - symbolizing an individual love, and the commitment of the future spouses to be together for the rest of their lives. Solitaires are usually made of white gold with a diamond in the middle. This diamond and gold solitaire from Bluespirit is a well-loved solitaire.


As you can guess from its name, the Trilogy is a ring that is usually made of gold, and has three diamonds set within it. Its meaning is connected to love, and the notion of a lasting bond. The three stones symbolize the past (I have loved you), the current (I love you), and the future (I'll always love you). The wedding proposal of Bliss's in white gold is elegant and beautiful.


A promise of true love. Veretta, also called fedina or riviera is the name of a ring with an array of diamonds set into it. Veretta models may change based on the size and number of diamonds. They could be 5, 7, 9, or even up to the totality of the ring.

If you're pondering what the ring that has 5 diamonds is called and what it means, here's the answer. The diamond ring symbolism is closely linked to its circular shape which symbolizes infinite time and, consequently the eternality of a bond that you want to keep for the rest of your life. The same applies to the 7 diamond riviera meaning of the ring, which is a symbolizing an unbreakable bond.


Contrarie is characterized instead by the intersection of the two stones in the upper part as if they were forming an embrace. The two ends can be joined or separated while still creating a unique jewel. If you're looking for the meaning of the ring called contrarie be aware that it incorporates the idea of the indissolubility that is inherent to the bond. The two stones symbolize the two partners who meet and stay together.

Maintenance tips

No matter how big or small diamond ring it doesn't matter, maintenance and care are always essential. First of all, the advice is not to wear the dazzling engagement ring while doing any activities that require aggressive soaps, detergents or cosmetics. Simple and regular maintenance that consists of washing in hot water with delicate soap, then gently brushing with a soft-bristled one and finally drying with an abrasive cloth will be ideal.

For more extensive maintenance, to be carried out every two years or so, however, it will be necessary to seek out the experts who will take care of applying the rhodium plating and cleaning techniques as well as checking the setting of diamonds.

Here's everything you need to be aware of about diamond engagement rings before the big purchase. You know the significance of each ring, and can pick one that best represents your partner, their personality and their aesthetic preferences. Find your ideal size using the Ring Sizer! And finally, don't forget to make arrangements for the proposal. Are you looking for some advice? Here are some ideas to present the beautiful ring.


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