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Huawei E160 Windows 7 Driver 11

I didn't connect it to arduino.The basic idea of the project is to replace a bare boned mobile phone (which is a little to big for my like ) connected to an arduino pro mini , using 3 wires (serial rx/tx and ground) , with a 3g modem(which is preety small). The question was ; if anyone knows if there are serial connection pins(rx/tx like on the phone) on the huawei e160 3g modem , or if someone knows a 3g modem that have serial pins.

huawei e160 windows 7 driver 11

hi i have a huawei e 220 and mi problem is that it dosnt recognize mass storage ,it recognize 3 data interface wich is modem drivers and 1 cpm[psite, when i instal firmware last 20% of instalation just jump to end , says firmware update complete and when i reconect the modem to usb software dont start, it just shows that it recognize modem and composite


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