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Ready Player One(2018)

In a last-ditch effort to stop Sorrento and IOI, Parzival broadcasts a plea message throughout the OASIS, calling on all other players to help the High Five attack the IOI forces around the castle and take down Sorrento in the name of James Halliday. Parzival breaks through the defenses and reaches the last stage, while IOI employees in the real world attempt to derail the van carrying Parzival and the real-life players of the High Five.

Ready Player One(2018)

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Although this film pleases many fantasy fans with loads of nostalgia, it is almost as enjoyable to a casual viewer. This is because even though of its relatable topic of online media having too much control over our lives, and seeing our heroes realize that is emotional and entertaining. It generates a sense of community by showing thousands of players standing up for what they believe in and fighting against IOI, and a parallel to the real world can easily be drawn there; when working together, anything is achievable. This shows multiple of the master analogues, but the most dominant one the righteous analogue. Even though the odds are heavily stacked against them, Watts and his friends continue to fight because it is the right thing to do. They know that is what James Halliday would have wanted, so they push through and strive to stop IOI from winning the Oasis.

After Wade introduces his own avatar, it shows a line of people waiting by a portal. Just before Tracer shows up to the portal, you can see Sonic the Hedgehog standing towards the back of the line tapping his foot in the famous idle animation from the original game where he would tap his foot impatiently if the player left him standing still for too long. 041b061a72


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